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A rollicking, exuberant, wildly imaginative novel of incest, lesbianism, BD/SM, voyeurism, group sex, true love, and much more. Sixteen chapters, each featuring a wild, taboo-busting sexual encounter, with a wide array of kinks and variations. Join buxom mother Alison, her mostly-lesbian daughter Sandra, virile son Alex and the rest of the Chambers family as they happily careen from one torrid sexual adventure to another!

Mother’s Milk

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The first in the “Greene Shorts” series of sizzling hot, low-cost short stories. Young nursing mother Dorothy and her teenage helpmate Janey explore the sexual play opportunities presented by Dorothy’s milk-filled breasts. Dorothy thinks she’s the seductress, but she soon discovers that the innocent-seeming Janey is a sexual force to be reckoned with.



Fearless erotica writer Esmeralda Greene takes on one of society’s gravest sexual taboos -- and has a blast with it. In this “Greene Shorts” erotic short story, Laura and Amy meet one day and discover they share a “particular preference” in sex partners. Naturally, the next step is to have a partner-swapping sex party. It will be a quiet little gathering: just the two young women--and their two dogs...

Liquid Fetish

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Esmeralda takes on a slippery subject in this “Greene Shorts” short story: Semen (aka ‘cum’, ‘jism’, ‘spooge’, etc., etc.). Some women love it, others... not so much. Donna is a woman who loves it; indeed, for her it’s an addiction, an obsession, a constant craving, a fetish. Naturally, this makes life complicated for a respectable wife and schoolteacher, and one day things just tumble delightfully out of control...


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In this “Greene Shorts” short story, Esmeralda dives into the bracing waters of DS/SM. Louise is a slave to her husband. She derives intense sexual satisfaction from obeying him and offering up her bottom to his punishments. But during a garden party one afternoon, she learns that there is an even greater pleasure to be had as a slave: the pleasure of humiliation!

Mindy’s Family


Esmeralda returns to the topic of joyful, consensual incest in this “Greene Shorts” short story. When teenaged Mindy catches sight of her uncle Beau’s equipment, she decides she wants some--even if she has to cunt-block her mother to get it. And later the same day she adds to her mother’s frustration when she seduces her father and leaves him too worn out to service his wife!

Mom’s Girlfriend


More lesbian and familial love and sex are on tap with this “Greene Shorts” short story. Ryan is a nice, normal teenaged boy who happens to have a hidden video camera set up in his sexy mother’s bedroom. When his mom starts a lesbian relationship with Miriam, he soon realizes that the joy of watching the two women having sex is only the beginning of the adventures that Miriam is bringing to mother and son...

The Collected “Greene Shorts” Volume 1


This volume contains all six of the “Greene Shorts” titles listed above, plus an additional story unavailable anywhere else. The seventh story is:

“Sis’s Horse Farm”: When Chris visits his sister Cheryl at her new rural home, they soon rekindle the passionate sexual relationship they enjoyed as teenagers. Then Cheryl decides she wants to let her brother know about another sexual kink she enjoys—so she takes him out to the stables and gives him a mind-boggling live performance with her two stallions.

Straight-laced Sister


The “Greene Shorts” series of short stories continues! Home after a semester away at college, Lilly is shocked to find that her family has adopted a free-thinking attitude toward incest. First her sister Julie insists on sharing her bed, then Julie and her father start banging at the breakfast table, and finally Lilly’s mother and brother go at it on the living room floor! But in the end, perhaps it’s Lilly who will be shocking her family...



Some very naughty sex in a light-hearted tone in this “Greene Shorts” story. Shirley has a crush on her handsome upstairs neighbor Lamar, so she’s happy to offer to watch his dog for a few days. When she starts diddling herself in front of the dog, she finds he’s eager to help out. Then Lamar returns and catches Shirley and his dog in the act, and soon the man, woman and dog are having a cross-species three-way!

Aunt Frisky


In this “Greene Shorts” story, Paul and Carol are a couple of happily incestuous teenaged siblings whose lives get even more interesting when their aunt Francesca (nicknamed “aunt Frisky”) comes for a visit. Not only does the horny aunt have sizzling sex with her niece and nephew in turn, she also reveals a little family secret to them--a secret that will give them new freedom in their sexual relationship with each other.

Pregnant Interlude

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The eroticism of pregnancy is the theme of this “Greene Shorts” story. Michelle has a big tummy, and a sex drive to match. But her husband isn’t taking care of her needs, leaving Michelle desperately horny. But one day it seems that there are people eager to service the young mother-to-be at every turn: Her doctor, her best friend, and a delivery man. Michelle finds that pregnancy can be exhausting, for more reasons than one!

Office Mating

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Esmeralda takes a swing at extramarital flings in this “Greene Shorts” story. In this sexy and comical tale of voyeurism, exhibitionism, crossed purposes and freewheeling lust, David is a faithful husband who enjoys some innocent flirting with his sexy office mate, but would never dream of cheating on his wife. But one day, his own wife’s sexual appetite provides the trigger that leads him to infidelity! Note: this book is free!

Tied to the Scene

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Esmeralda has some fun with a bad girl getting her comeuppance in this “Greene Shorts” short. Ashley has a plan to steal from her employer with the help of her boyfriend Eddie. But to make the “robbery” scene realistic, Eddie has to abuse her body, tie her to her desk chair in her office, and then abuse her some more. And some more after that. And maybe a little bit more. And that’s only the beginning of Ashley’s night!

Milking Kimberly

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As with “Mother’s Milk” above, this “Greene Shorts” story is about a horny nursing mother and her breast milk. New mother Kimberly is unsatisfied by her husband, so she decides to seduce her friend Lyle. Letting him watch as she breastfeeds her baby is the obvious first step, and soon after Lyle and Kimberly are enjoying a steamy sexual encounter that’s awash with warm, sweet breast milk. Note: this book is free!

The Collected “Greene Shorts” Volume 2


This successor to the top-selling “The Collected ‘Greene Shorts’ Volume 1” gathers together four stories, three that have been released individually and one that’s new and unavailable anywhere else. All of these stories are previously uncollected and have either been banned on Amazon or probably would be. The stories are: “Aunt Frisky,” “Straight-laced Sister,” “Doggy-Sitting,” and “Mindy And Her Mom.” The last of these is a brand-new sequel to “Mindy’s Family.”



In this “Greene Shorts” sequel to the popular “Liquid Fetish” (above), Donna returns for several more helpings of the delicious, gooey nectar that she craves. This time around it’s mostly Donna’s stepson Andy who keeps her mouth full and her skin moisturized. But Donna is worried that Andy is falling for her--and she for him. Perhaps a “party” with twenty or so other boys is the way to get him out of her system...?

Teacher Fantasy

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Teacher/pupil relationships get steamy and kinky in the three connected tales that make up this “Greene Shorts” story. First, high school teacher Ann Jeffreys is caned on her bare bottom by her headmaster--in front of a classroom full of students! Then Ann and a male pupil get up to more spanking play in her office. And finally Ann and three teenaged female pupils engage in some very unorthodox after-school activities!

The Collected “Greene Shorts” Volume 3

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The third in the series of “Greene Shorts” collections. This one has seven stories; six that are available individually, and one all new, available only in this collection. The six previously-available stories are: “Office Mating,” “Milking Kimberly,” “Swallowing,” “Tied to the Scene,” “Pregnant Interlude” and “Teacher Fantasy.” The new story is:

“Grocery Shopping” - Doing the weekly food shopping is a boring chore for our hero, until the day he meets up with a cute, funny, and irresistibly sexy fellow shopper. Who knew that cucumbers and frozen foods were such ideal tools for seductive banter? And as for the uses that soft-spread margarine can be put to...

Brown and Pink

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Lesbian love and sex meet exhibitionism in this tender-but-steamy “Greene Shorts” story. Carlotta is black, statuesquely tall, quiet and reserved. Adalee is blonde, petite, and a flamboyant exhibitionist. As mismatched as they may seem, these two women soon form a relationship. But will Adalee’s wild side prove too much for Carlotta? Join this unique couple as they explore their personal boundaries and the fringes of sexuality.

Great With Child


For this “Greene Shorts” story, Esmeralda returns to her roots: Hardcore-raunchy but lighthearted and elegantly written smut. Maisey is a farm girl and expecting mother whose pregnancy has caused her sexual appetite to skyrocket. Left unsatisfied by her husband one morning, she seeks to fulfill her sexual needs any way she can: With her hand, her pony, her dog, a passing stranger...

The Go-Between

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In this “Greene Shorts” short, when mischievous teenager Evelyn realizes that her boyfriend’s mother has lustful desires for her son, she decides to act as  “go-between”, teasing and tantalizing the mother’s desires, using her own body to bring enticing little “gifts” from the son to the mother, and having sex with both of them. Will her sexy antics lead to a consummation of the mother and son’s long-suppressed yearnings?

Family Ties


More joyful and loving incest feature in this too-hot-for-Amazon “Greene Shorts” story. Teenage siblings Rob and Erica enjoy a happy and healthy sexual relationship. But their mother Terri, although she enjoys voyeuristically listening to her children’s love-making, isn’t sure that incest can ever be healthy. Perhaps what’s needed to bring her around is a steamy sexual encounter with her son...

My Sons and Lovers


A mother’s love for her two sons is the topic of this charming story. But since this is another banned-on-Amazon “Greene Shorts” story, you might suspect that we aren’t talking about a strictly conventional brand of motherly love... and you’d be right. Foot-play figures prominently in this tale, in which a determined mother sets out to seduce her two teenage sons, one after the other...

Fathers and Daughters


“Girls just wanna have fun,” as the song says, and sometimes “fun” means having sex with Daddy. In this “Greene Shorts” story, Lester is a divorced father who finds that his daughter is explicitly--and very temptingly--trying to seduce him. He turns to his ex-wife for advice, but her own happy girlhood experience with father-daughter sex has left her with an attitude very different from what Lester was expecting...

Mom is Pregnant


Mother-son incest and pregnancy are the topics of this “Greene Shorts” story. Teenager Scott lusts after his sexy single mom, and when he learns she’s pregnant he knows those feelings will only get stronger as her body develops the voluptuous curves of carrying a child. In the end, the passion between mother and son is enthusiastically consummated, and the lovers embark on a new life together.

The “Greene Shorts” Incest Collection; Volume 1


The fourth in the series of “Greene Shorts” collections, and the first “all-incest” themed collection. This one has six previously-uncollected stories; five that are available individually (see above), and one all new, available only in this collection. The five previously-available stories are: “Family Ties,” “The Go-Between,” “My Sons and Lovers,” “Fathers and Daughters,” and “Mom is Pregnant.” The new story is:

“Randy Grandpa” - When Earl comes to live with his divorced daughter and his two teenaged granddaughters, he and his daughter plan on rekindling the sexual relationship they’ve enjoyed in the past. They wonder how to broach the issue of their incestuous bond with the girls, but that turns out not to be much of a problem...

Mom and Muttly


Mother-son incest and bestiality join forces for a knockout “Greene Shorts” short story. Kyle catches his mother Angeline having sex with the family dog; a scene that instantly  brings his smoldering lust for her to full flame. It’s clear that Angeline reciprocates her son’s desire, but she refuses to admit this to his face. A battle of wills ensues, but Angeline has a secret weapon in her trusty dog...

The Dog Upstairs


Esmeralda clips the leash onto another steamy story of doggy sex for this “Greene Shorts” short story. As a veterinarian, John is used to people asking him for advice about their pets. But when his beautiful upstairs neighbor Roberta phones him at home one night saying she’s got “sort of a problem” with her Dalmatian, he soon finds himself embarking on the greatest sexual adventure of his life!

A Chain of Mothers; Erotic Tales of Incest


Something a little different: This is a new collection of incest-themed short stories, but these are all new stories, none of them previously released individually or in any other collection. The stories in this volume are shorter than the standard length for my “Greene Shorts” tales, but there are twelve (12!) of them. All of these stories are on the ever-popular topic of consensual incest, mostly focusing on mother-son naughtiness.

Goody Two-Shoes

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Here’s a longer work than the short stories that make up most of my offerings. Jennifer is a lovable and nubile young woman who talks like a “goody two-shoes,” but acts like a ravenous seductress who never met a man or woman she didn’t want to have sex with. In this rollicking and humorous “day in the life” tale, she enjoys a busy day, makes many new friends and has a wild assortment of sexual escapades!

Mary and Joseph


It’s time for another wild,  taboo-busting “Greene Shorts” short story combining incest and doggy sex! Mary is a college student home for vacation, and she’s a horny girl who’s got some surprises in store for her family. In short order, her father and her brother learn not only about her “special relationship” with her dog, but about her lustful desires for each of them as well!

The “Greene Shorts” Bestiality Collection; Volume 1


The fifth “Greene Shorts” collection, and the first “all-bestiality” themed collection. This one has five stories; four that are available individually, and one all new, available only in this collection. The four previously-available stories are: “Great With Child,” “Mom and Muttly,” “The Dog Upstairs,” and “Mary and Joseph.” The all-new short is “Auntie’s Horses,” which features an incestuous brother and sister, their mother, their aunt, and two horny stallions. The family and the horses get up to all sorts of naughty mischief!

A Chain of Sisters; Erotic Tales of Incest


A companion volume to “A Chain of Mothers,” here’s a new collection of incest-themed short stories. These are all new stories, none of them previously released individually or in any other collection. Some of the stories in this volume are shorter than my “Greene Shorts” tales, but there are twelve (12!) of them. All of these stories are on the ever-popular topic of consensual incest, mostly focusing on sister-brother sex.

My Wife’s Family


We’ve got more joyful incest going on this in latest entry in the “Greene Shorts” series of short stories. Nate is a happily married man who learns that his new wife has some sexy secrets in her past. Secrets having to do with her brother, her father and her mother. To his delighted enjoyment, she tells (and even re-enacts) a series of steamy tales of her youthful incestuous escapades.

A Chain of Mothers 2; More Erotic Tales of Incest


A second volume in the “Chain of Mothers” series, featuring twelve all-new incest-themed short stories, none of them previously released individually or in any other collection. The stories in this volume are shorter than the standard length for my "Greene Shorts" tales, but there are twelve (12!) of them. As with the first volume, these stories are on the ever-popular topic of joyful, consensual incest between mothers and sons.



In a round-robin competition, each participant plays every other participant. Thanks to a chain-reaction of horniness, that’s what happens within one lucky family in this “Greene Shorts” short story. Teenaged James catches sight of his mother masturbating, and this gets him so excited that he ends up having sex with his sister. This leaves his sister in a hyper-sexual mood... and things go on merrily from there.

Vacation At Auntie’s


In this “Greene Shorts” short story, things start out with two generations of brother and sister action. Teenaged Amber and Carl have a happy incestuous relationship, and they soon learn that their father and his sister are similarly “involved.” From there things branch out, with aunt Louise joining the kids in a three-way, and Amber taking Louise’s place for a ride on her daddy’s lap.

Spicing Things Up


Irene and Terry are a married couple who decide one night that their sex life has gotten stale and needs some spicing up. Terry encourages Irene to dress sexy and to get frisky with him in the kitchen, but this catches the lustful eye of Andy, the couple’s teenaged son. With Terry’s encouragement, Irene is soon “spicing things  up” with her son as well as her husband, and meanwhile she’s had a sexual crush on her father for years...

Milking Kimberly 2

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This story picks up the action a few weeks after the hugely popular “Milking Kimberly.” Kimberly’s friend Sheila has latched on to the sexual kink of sex-play with breast milk, and is soon enjoying a lesbian encounter with Kimberly that has warm, sweet mother’s milk spraying from two sets of lactating breasts. But Sheila knows about Kimberly seducing her husband, and she’s going to have a little bit of payback...

Miriam’s Belly


Pregnancy and incest join forces in this latest “Greene Shorts” story. Miriam is five months pregnant, and as sometimes happens, her condition is making her intensely horny. And with her teenaged son and daughter having incestuous sex all over the house, it’s enough to drive a woman to distraction! Luckily some relief is on the way; from Miriam’s two children, and also from her gorgeous lesbian doctor...

The “Greene Shorts” Incest Collection; Volume 2


Another “Greene Shorts” collection, and the second one that’s “all-incest”. This one has six stories; five that are available individually, and one all new, available only in this collection. The five previously-available stories are: “My Wife’s Family”, “Spicing Things Up”, “Round-Robin”, “Vacation at Auntie’s”, and “Miriam’s Belly”. The all-new story is:

“Her Father’s Daughter” - A delightful romp of non-stop sex with a teenage hottie seducing her father. Dad tries to resist temptation, but that’s not easy with his own wife encouraging her daughter’s efforts!

Mom Gets What She Wants


This “Greene Shorts” short story of incest has a different twist from most of my mother-son tales. Usually I have it be the son who’s interested in starting a sexual relationship with his mother, and it’s the mother who needs to be seduced. But in this story, Mildred is definitely the dominant, hornier one in the relationship. Her son Gary is reluctant, despite how sexy and seductive his mother is. But like the story’s title says...

Mother of the Groom


The central character in this “Greene Shorts” story is one of my favorites. A spunky (no, not that kind of spunky; get your mind out of the gutter!), unconventional, and usually upbeat woman, Ursula isn’t feeling too upbeat about her son’s impending marriage. After all, he’s been her lover for years, and she’s afraid all that will end once he’s married. But the wedding day turns out to be a day full of sexy surprises for Ursula!

Mother of the Bride


As you might guess from the title, this story is a companion piece to “Mother of the Groom,” above. It follows a similar story line to that piece, but with different characters and no incest. But rest assured there’s still lots and lots of deliciously naughty sex and plenty of the smart writing and funny, witty characters you always get in Esmeralda Greene stories!

Grown-Up Daughter


Sandy and her father have a deep and long-standing sexual desire for each other. But as a grown-up woman, Sandy is reluctant to consummate her lust, afraid  that she'd ruin her parents’ idyllic marriage. But soon enough she succumbs to temptation, and father and daughter embark on a wild sexual escapade; one where the forbidden nature of their sex is the very thing that makes it delicious and irresistible!

Instigating Sister


The characters in this tale of joyful familial sex are Toki, a Japanese-American single mother, and her teenage twins Brandon and Brenda. The twins think of their mother as being an impeccably dignified woman, but it turns out that Toki has a secret life of rampant sex with many partners (and with herself). The twins’ discovery of their mother’s sexuality soon leads to the whole family enjoying each other to the fullest!

The “Greene Shorts” Incest Collection; Volume 3


Another all-incest collection in the “Greene Shorts” series. This one has five stories; four that are available individually, and one all new, available only in this collection. The four previously-available stories are: “Mother of the Groom”, “Mom Gets What She Wants”, “Instigating Sister”, and “Grown-Up Daughter”.

The all-new story is: “Two Mothers, Two Sons” — Another non-stop sex marathon about two single moms of teenage sons who … well, I bet you can guess!


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Esmeralda Greene is an erotica writer dedicated to the principle that erotic fiction can be red-hot raunchy while also being written with intelligence, elegance and style. In addition to the works listed below, she has sold stories to Sweetmeats Press, Hustler Fantasies, Circlet Press, Xcite Books and others.

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